What information should I make sure I share with my Estate Agent ?

What information should I make sure I share with my Estate Agent ?

When looking for a property there are a number of factors that play a role in finding the property best suited to your needs. An Estate Agent plays a vital role in buying or selling a property and in order for them to do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible there are some really important bits of information they need to know.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Questions about Your West Kensington, Barons Court and surrounding areas of Hammersmith and Fulham Home
In this two-minute read, we look at useful information which you might want to share with your agent to satisfy inquisitive buyers.
You can often tell whether a viewer is keen on a property from the questions they ask. And in our experience, the more specific the question, the warmer the prospect. When it comes to preparing for a sale, the more information that you can share with your agent, the better. Here are five typical questions to get you thinking.
1)     What are the neighbours like?
Your viewer is envisioning living in your property. Help them do this by letting your agent know the demographic of your neighbourhood. A good agent will assess the viewer’s preference and highlight those neighbours accordingly; families, elderly people, professionals, students, etc. Add extra information if you can: Are they friendly, quiet, helpful?
2)     Where are the closest bus stops?
Go a step further and provide information on the bus routes and the frequency of the service. If it’s only a ten-minute ride into town, or there’s a direct service to the leisure centre, let your agent know.
3)     Which way does the garden face?
For those with outside space, most people want to know which way the garden faces. If you’re unsure, there’s a helpful app called Lumos, which will point you in the right direction (excuse the pun!). Garden furniture purposely positioned in sunny spots will show potential buyers where to go for a bit of R&R.
4)     Where do the kids next door go to school?
It’s good if you can let your agent know which West Kensington, Barons Court and surrounding areas of Hammersmith and Fulham school catchment your property sits in. It’s great if you can tell them where the local kids go. Parents’ school preferences vary – with some prioritising the same school as local friends over Ofsted reports.
5)     Which takeaways deliver here?
If a buyer is wedded to their weekly teatime treat, this will be essential information. If you have a recommendation, let your agent know – you might tempt prospective buyers with new or unique culinary delights in your local neighbourhood.
If you’re thinking about a property move and want to know more about what information to start collating (or if you have a recommendation for a local takeaway), give us a call on 020 7386 9996.

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